Monday, May 27, 2013

SharePoint Custom Accordion Menu Sample Code HTML and CSS

You can download the source code for accordion menu from below link

The attached sample code contains custom menu which can be used in SharePoint as a vertical menu or in any other web application.

The code sample contains:-
·         HTML code for the vertical menu
·         CSS for styling on the menu
·         JQuery script to provide accordion behavior
·         Icons which are rendered as CSS without using any image 

For building vertical menu in SharePoint, the attached code can be used in a user control. The attached code renders the menu in aspx page.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Common mistakes SharePoint 2010 administrators need to be careful of

Here are the top 10 common mistake generally made by SharePoint 2010 administrators:-

Not having "SharePoint" in your job title

Creating too many Web applications

Making changes in IIS manually

Failing to use the SharePoint solutions framework

Inadvertently installing a standalone server

Using the default SQL DB growth settings

Failing to document the farm configuration

Manually changing SharePoint databases to "fix" things

Believing that PowerShell is only for developers

Disregarding SharePoint capacity planning recommendations


To read the details on each of these mistakes visit on this link reference of this post