Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to change SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site port

Changing central administration web site port is not a frequent job but in some scenarios when facing port related issues or IT security issues related to ports, you might decide to change the port number of your existing SharePoint central administration web site to some other port number:-

Below are the ways how you can perform this task:-
1)   Using SharePoint product configuration wizard:-

When you run the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard from Psconfigui.exe, you can specify the port to which the Central Administration port is bound.
2)   Using Stsadm commands:-

You can use the setadminport operation of Stsadm to modify the port to which Central Administration is bound

Stsadm –o setadminport –port <PortNumber>

<PortNumber> is the available port number you can specify
3)   Using Windows PowerShell

You can use Set-SPCentralAdministration cmdlet –Port parameter to modify the Central administration web site port

Set-SPCentralAdministration –Port <PortNumber>

<PortNumber> is the available port number you can specify

Note: Port number cannot be changed from the Central Administration web site itself

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