Thursday, October 17, 2013

SharePoint 2013: App Development Environment

To develop apps on SharePoint 2013 there are various configurations which are required to make your environment ready for SharePoint 2013 app development. Following settings would be required as given in below sequence to make SharePoint ready for app development.

Make sure to start following services
  1. App Management Service
  2. SharePoint Foundation Subscription Setting Service

Service Applications
Make sure to configure following service applications
  1. App Management Service Application (this can be done from Central Administration)
  2. SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication (this wont be visible in Central administration so it should be configured using PowerShell script)

DNS Settings
  1. Create host record for SharePoint site 
  2. Create forward look-up zone (you can name it
  3. Create an alias in zone, this alias should point to the SharePoint site host created in step 1

Web Application
  1. Configure App URL from central administration under app configuration section
  2. Create  SharePoint web application with host header which you created a host name in step 1 under DNS setting


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